The Scientific Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Research Institute for Technical Protection of Information" (The State enterprise "The Scientific - Research Institute for Technical Protection of Information") is operating since 1987.


The enterprise is one of the leading scientific-research organizations in the Republic of Belarus in the field of the information security. The Institute coordinates the scientific, research, methodical and practical works on protection of the information systems, contributes the improvement of the information security of the crucial objects which are under control of computer systems.

The enterprise’s employees have a wide experience in the development of systems and measures for protection of information. All employees have a specialized higher education, the employees’ qualification is annually improved. State enterprise "The Scientific -Research Institute for Technical Protection of Information" is a structurally balanced organization, in which works more than 150 persons.

The State enterprise "The Scientific -Research Institute for Technical Protection of Information" has special licenses of Operational and Аnalytical Сenter under the President (of Republic) of Belarus, the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus; the Ministry of Justice; the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus: of the State Military-Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus for services, in areas related with work out and validation of systems and means of information protection, including cryptographic, estimations of the extent of legal entities information security and rendering of services in its increase, participation in computer crimes investigation, special investigations of information leakage per technical canals and so on.

At the State enterprise "The Scientific Research Institute for Technical Information Protection" had been developed, implemented and now is effectively functioning the Quality Management system according to the requirements of the STB ISO 9001-2009.

The main enterprise’s activity directions are:

1. Research activity:

  • Carrying out of the thematic, scientific, experimental researches and designing and production of software-hardware complexes of information technical protection for the benefit of the public authority of Union State, Republic of Belarus and by request of legal entities.
  • Working out of projects of state and sectoral normative and methodological documents, including: statutes, regulations, guidances, standards, organizational and administrative documentation in the field of information protection and information resources and systems.
Goals and objectives of the Enterprise:
  • Special research in information security needs in the area of information processing and protection technology;
  • Work on complex protection of information at the customer's facilities over the whole territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Work on development of models of subsystems and systems, architecture and standard solutions on information technology security and protection of information resources and information systems;
  • Search and testing of new methods and approaches in the field of technical protection of information, information resources and information systems.

2. Audit and consulting on:

  • Information Security and solutions on technology of information protection;
  • Policies and concepts of information security for objects and subsystems;
  • Protection of information systems and resources;
  • Assessment of effectiveness of protection of information systems, subsystems and components;
  • Protection of information resources and systems.

3. Selection, validation, delivery, installation and maintenance of:

  • Software, software/hardware and hardware safeguards of information protection;
  • Equipment for control of premises information security;
  • Detection means of eavesdropping devices;
  • Information systems, equipment and components.

4. Comprehensive laboratory test and examination on security of IT products, mounting and improving of safeguards when they used in other complexes and systems:

  • Certification examinations;
  • Validation of  information systems;
  • Validation of Safeguards;
  • Validation of premises;
  • Diagnostic of  destructive features in IT products and components;
  • Voluntary researches of information protection in accordance with the enterprise demands.

5. Engineering, creating and producing of:

  • Protected Information systems and their components;
  • Software/hardware means for encryption, authentication, control of net intrusion, collateral electromagnetic radiations, vibro-acoustic protection.

6. Informational support and propaganda of information security issues.

  • Regular coverage of the information security problem in world and in Republic of Belarus;
  • University engagement program in the educational process of higher schools and organizations;
  • Informational partner's support;ooperation with Belarusian IT Companies;
  • Conference arrangement of Union State and participation on the problems of Information Security ("Complex protection of Information");
  • Regular training of employees as a part of the Institute's skill improvement program;
  • Presentation of the projects and capabilities of Belarusian manufacturers internationally.