The hadware-software complex "SOZH" (Complex "SOZH") is intended to conduct special studies on technical of processing information from leakage due to side electromagnetic radiation pickups (TEMPEST).

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The complex "SOZH" provides measurement of the TEMPEST Parameters, processing of measurement results, the implementation of necessary calculations and preparation of accounting documentation when conducting special studies and instrumental monitiring in order to determine the possibility of removal of information from technical means of information processing.

Structure of the complex "SOZH":

  • spectrum analyzer ("Rohde & Schwarz" or "Agilent Technologies");
  • set of measuringantennas AI 5-0 and 3-2 AIR and current collectors;
  • portable computer;
  • transceivers of wireless control the studied computer;
  • transport cases for strorage and transportation of equipment;
  • special software.

Main technical specifications and parameters:

  • controlled TEMPEST frequency range - 9 kHz to 2000 MHz;
  • range of controlled side pickups - from 0.3 kHz to 300 MHz;
  • bandwidths of the measurement channel are set on external commands and take values defined by the characteristics of the spectrum analyzer;
  • automatic and manual verification of the results of measurements;
  • automated calculation parameters of information security.

Designed and manufactured by Gomel branch of the state enterprise "NII TZI"