Linear noise generator "Rokot" is designed to actively protect information processed at the facilities of information, from leakage due to electromagnetic radiation and interference through electrical feed circuits and grounding in the frequency range from 0.15 to 1000 MHz when connecting computer equipment to a single-phase AC mains eith 220 V, 50 Hz.

Rokot 2

The generator is designed for connection to the 3-wire power supply ("Phase", "Zero" and "Protective earth") and ensures the formation of electrical noise signal in all conducturs.

Product specifications:

  • rms values of voltage spectral density of the electric noise signal dB (uV/√ kHz) in frequency range:

from 0.15 to 30.0 MHz not less Than 50;

from 30.0 to 300.0 MHz not less than 40;

from 300.0 to 1000.0 MHz not less than 30;

  • noise quality factor at least 0.8;
  • amout of control of output levels of masking interference at least 10 dB voltage;
  • automatic control system of the set voltage level of electrical noise signal;
  • power supply of the generator is carried out on AC mains with a rated voltage of 220 V with a deviation from a minimum from minus 15 to plus 10% and frequency ( 50 + 1) Hz;
  • power consumption not more than 50 W;
  • weight not more than 1 kg.

Certificat of own products: № 380.1/4486-2

Conformity certificate № BY/112 03.01.036 00228