2Testing laboratory on information safety requirements (Testing Laboratory) is a part of the center for testing of information security products and certification objects of the state enterprise "NII TZI". The testing laboratory meets the criteria of the National System of Certification of the Republican of Belarus, it is accredited for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025 (certificate of accreditation with registration number: № BY/112 on 28.05.2001, certificate of accreditation is valide to 06.08.2015) and is one of basic testing laboratories Operational and Analytical Centre under the President of the Republic of Belarus.

The testing laboratory is included in the Unified Register of Certification Authorities and Testing Laboratories of the Custom Union.

 In accordance with the accreditation scope the Testing Laboratory on information safety requirements carries out trials (special studies), including for the purposes of certification and state expertise, technical facilities for processing and protection of information of the following classes:

  • technical facilities and information processing and transmission systems;
  • technical protection maens of information;
  • information protection software and hardware;
  • cryptographic means of information protection;
  • technical facilities of protection assessment of objects of informational support;
  • technical means of monitoring of information networks;
  • information technology security.

The testing laboretory is equipped with the necessary means of measurement and test equipment, as well as regulatory legal acts, methodical and information and reference documents and materials in the field of information security.

Main business lines:

  • certification of information security systems, objects of information for compliance with the guidelines and regulatory legal acts in the field of information protection;
  • performance of work on identification of special techniczl means of eavesdropping in protected premises, technical facilities of information processing;
  • design and construction of computer networks;
  • engineering and technical support of the construction and reconstruction of special facilities and facilities for general purpose in order to meet the requirements of technical protection of information;
  • testing of technical, hardware and software tools of the technical and cryptographic protection of information;
  • development and improvement of state regulatory and procedural documents on information safety requirements;
  • implementation of thematic R & D in the field of information protection on the orders of the various ministries, departments and organizations;
  • carrying out  of research works on the development of technical regulatory legal acts in the field of safety of information technologies, protection methods and evaluation of effectiveness of information security systems, audit information secrurity, testing and acknowledgement of conformance evaluation of information security facilities.

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